Wednesday Feb 13th, 2019

Irene Trent-Valencia

Cyprus Friendship Program

This is our annual Daughter’s Day luncheon. Members are encouraged to bring their daughters of all ages to Rotary with them.

Our program on Daughter’s Day will be Irene Trent-Valencia, who will present on the Cyprus Friendship Program. A Rotarian Action Group for Peace, the Cyprus Friendship Program (CFP) is an all-volunteer people-to-people program that focuses on fostering trust and understanding through interactions between Turkish and Greek-speaking Cypriots in Cyprus.

CFP is not affiliated with any governmental, political, or religious organization. It takes no position on any proposed political approaches toward the future of Cyprus. Rather, it is based on the belief that, no matter what, the future of Cyprus will be enhanced by increased trust, understanding, and friendship between the future leaders of the Turkish-speaking and Greek-speaking communities in Cyprus. From a generation raised in a divided society, CFP develops future leaders to find solutions for living in harmony together in Cyprus.

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